FIWARE Lab Status

FIWARE Lab is a working instance of FIWARE available for experimentation. FIWARE Lab spans 14 regions distributed in 5 geographic regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America) around the world.

This page provides a real time status of FIWARE Lab nodes. Some nodes may not be displayed if monitoring probes are not installed.

Map of FIWARE Node Status

This map provides a real time status of FIWARE Lab nodes (represented by a green, yellow, red or gray marker). Note that a gray colour for the marker means that there is no up-to-date data for that node or its services. If you click on a specific node in the map, you can check the FIWARE services status for that node and a calendar graph of the Sanity Check status for the last selected months.
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Services StatusFIWARE Lab Nodes Services status
Keystone P.
Services SanityFIWARE Lab Nodes Sanity checks